14 Unique uses for Vintage Suitcases at Weddings

14 Unique Ideas for a Vintage Suitcase at a Wedding

If we did an informal survey to see how many of you have heard of Pinterest (if not addicted to it), we’d see a lot of hands. And if you’ve spent any amount of time on there, I’m almost positive you’ve spied a vintage suitcase at a wedding. They’re on trend and Pinterest loves them. Well, so do we. Like, we love them a whole truckload full. So we decided to gather all that suitcase goodness into one place. Today we’re so thrilled to share with you fourteen fifteen unique ways to use a vintage suitcase at your wedding. Yeah, we just couldn’t narrow it down to fourteen, so we gave you a bonus. Spoiler alert: there’s some good ones!

Put a Bar in it! Vintage Suitcase Bar Idea

1. Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage created this gorgeous little bar for her home. If you’re not having your wedding in a traditional banquet hall with a full bar- why not collect your bar items and feature them in a cute suitcase? This would be perfect for a farmhouse wedding!

Help your guests keep warm with a vintae suitcase full of wraps!

2. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, why not keep your guests warm with a vintage suitcase full of wraps? We just love the way this one is styled!

Use a vintage suitcase to display wedding programs3. Or you could display your programs for guests in vintage suitcases! We love that they stacked a few and designed a whole vignette with suitcases.

Use a vintage suitcase to create a gorgeous seating chart!

4. We love suitcases as seating charts! This one stood upright with hanging table charts is no different, we especially love that it’s stacked on a vintage chest instead of using a traditional table. Just our style!

Baby's breath-full escort card display in a Vintage Suitcase

5. Speaking of guests finding their tables… You know how much we love baby’s breath, right? We use it in everything. When we spotted this whimsical escort card display, we were smitten and your guests would be too. You should probably take our word for it and do this. Just do it.

Stacked vintage chests and suitcases to create a wedding or event drink station!

6. What a statement! Stack a bunch of vintage chests and suitcases to create a drink station. You could use this ‘table’ for anything really: cake, guestbook, you name it! This is perfect for an outdoor affair where table linens blowing in the breeze would be a nuisance.

Use a vintage suitcase to displaya wedding or bar menu

7. Make your bartender’s life a little easier with an easy to read drinks menu– and while you’re at it, why not put it in a vintage suitcase? Really, you could put any sign in a suitcase and it would look chic!

Put your wedding cake in a vintage suitcase- why not?

8. While we’re putting things in vintage suitcases, don’t forget the wedding cake! We love this whole set-up… and we’d love that whole cake. What makes this styling really special is how it sets the white cake off from the white wall by putting some turquoise in to break it up.

Vintage Suitcases as a wedding cake stand!

9. If you’re not crazy about having your cake IN the vintage suitcase… why not ON them? This is such a statement compared to the traditional cake stands!

Photo booth props in a vintage suitcase

10. Who doesn’t love a good photo booth these days? Corral all those props in a gorgeous vintage suitcase like this one!

Vintage Suitcase wedding ceremony backdrop!

11. Go big or go home! We love this wedding ceremony backdrop created by stacking vintage trunks and suitcases! Not only is it gorgeous (we might be slightly biased), but it is a fun alternative to boring pipe and drape to hide any unsightly walls you might be up against.

Display your wedding favours in a vintage suitcase

12. We love some sweet favours (pun intended), and these home made jams would make guest feel so valued! We extra adore how they’re displayed in this powder blue vintage suitcase.

marianne-wedding-27 Have guests sign a vintage post card and place in a suitcase in place of a guestbook

13. This guest book alternative is right up our alley. Have guests write messages on old postcards and place them in a vintage suitcase for you to read over later! Really, how sweet is this?

Vintage Suitcases Wedding Centerpieces

14. This couple used vintage suitcases everywhere in their travel themed wedding and one of our favourite ways they displayed them was as table centerpieces! This is such a fun way to elevate a simple centerpiece- and it adds tons of character.

Vintage Suitcase full of Wedding Cards

15. Last but not least, we couldn’t not share with you this vintage suitcase all set up to collect wedding cards! We also love the idea of using old letters to fill the bottom before hand.

So what was your favourite? Could you guess what ours is? Hopefully this has inspired you to dream up some new uses for vintage suitcases. If you’re looking for them, we have some a bunch for rent in the Vancouver area along with other vintage decor big and small!

{cover image is from LemonThistle’s visit to our warehouse!}